Portsmouth Driving Test Routes

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25 Portsmouth Driving Test Routes

These files are compatible with TomTom Go App that is available for both iPhone and Android using TomTom GO App and also for use with TomTom, Garmin, Navigon and CoPilot Live SatNav systems.

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Zip file containing driving test routes for the Portsmouth Driving Test Centre. The files are in .GPX format for use with iPhone and Android using TomTom GO App and also for use with TomTom, Garmin, Navigon and CoPilot Live SatNav systems.

Portsmouth Test Centre
Opposite Fort Southwick,
James Callaghan Drive,
PO17 6AR

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4 reviews for Portsmouth Driving Test Routes

  1. andrew james perkins

    these test routes were amazing, really helped me get to know the area around Portsmouth and i passed 1st time

  2. Josh Mears

    This service was well priced, fast and really helpful. It allowed me to practice the driving test routes without my instructor helping me save a lot of money throughout the whole learning to drive process. Would definitely recommend the purchase.

  3. Sophie Lodge

    Brilliant test routes that help prepare you for any test route that you may be faced with. Great for practicing different roads and situations too.

  4. Graham (verified owner)

    Very helpful for familiarising yourself with the roads you’re likely to be driving on for your Test.

    The only minor niggles that stop me giving them five starts are that

    1) On at least one, whoever driving when the route was recorded appeared to drive around a car park three times, so you have to follow that exactly and

    2) There’s nothing to tell you how old the route is. One route takes you through a housing estate with purple bricks on the road which seems an unlikely route now.

    Still, apart from that, theyr’e definitely worth the money.

    • Joshua Pycroft

      Hi Graham, thanks for your feedback we have looked into the details that you mentioned about Lysses Car Park but they is only one way point in the car park should just take you in then out again. With regards to the age of the routes all our routes are within the last 2 years, they cover all roads that you may be asked to drive on. The DVSA have countless variations that they can use depending on the route, area and manoeuvre they are planning to do so although your test route was slightly different I can see that are routes covered all of the streets that you were taken on. Glad you passed

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