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How To Use TomTom GO App On Your Mobile Phone

There are a few steps to be able to upload the GPX. files on your mobile phone in this guide we will take you through those steps to make the process quick and easy. You will need both a laptop/PC and your mobile phone.

Step 1. Register for a TomTom MYDRIVE account - Use Laptop/PC

The very first thing you need to do is visit the TomTom MYDRIVE website on your laptop/PC and register an account. The address is

Step 2. Upload your GPX. files to your MYDRIVE account - Use Laptop/PC

Next, using your laptop/PC you will need to go to the ROUTE PLANNER section, then click on MY ROUTES and at the bottom of that section you will see the tab for IMPORT A GPX FILE click on this. It is then very clear how to upload the file. Once the file has been uploaded it will then show in the list of MY ROUTES. The last stage of this is to ensure that you have selected the selected the “Sync this route as a track with my devices”

Step 3. Download the MYDRIVE mobile App

Now that you have completed the above steps you can add the MYDRIVE App to your mobile phone, this is available in both IOS and Android. Click on the links below and then login with your MYDRIVE account details. The MYDRIVE App is not a SATNAV all though it may initially look like one it is the interface between you and your TomTom GO App

Step 4. Download the TomTom GO App

You are nearly ready to get practising, download the TomTom GO App, again it is available both on IOS and Android. Click on the links below and then login, soon you will be able to go and practise actual test routes and improve your knowledge on the area and roads that you will be doing you driving test in. The best bit is it comes with a free trial

Step 5. Set Your TomTom GO App To Sync The Routes

The very last step, you must set the TomTom GO App to Sync Your Routes, below are some screen shots to show you how to do this. First you need to click on the menu icon, once open scroll down till you come to TomTom Services once you get to this screen just select “MyDrive – Sync You Places With All Your Devices”. 

That’s it you can now go to routes on the App and start practicing actually driving test routes. Good Luck

Here is a link to the user manual for the TomTom Go App, just incase you need it. Click Here