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Having local knowledge of the test area will give you a great advantage when it comes to taking your driving test. The DVSA does not make test routes public however, The test routes available on our site are the knowledge gained from local driving instructors who are able to either sit in on lessons or can track their cars whilst they are out on test. They are all current routes that can be used by the DVSA examiners. Downloading the test routes yourself if you have someone else that you can practise driving with will be a huge advantage and potentially save you a considerable amount of money and possibly speed up the time it will take to pass your test.

Portsmouth Driving Test Route

Driving Test Routes

Each Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) driving test centre has its own unique driving test routes designed and created by the local examiners to challenge learner drivers on varied road types and traffic systems. The routes are also compared across the UK to maintain an even standard so that it is rare to find one test centre easier than another but geographic location will present its own challenges that’s also why it is important to have local knowledge of the test centre area.

Chichester Driving Test Route

Learning To Drive

Learning to drive is an exciting moment in anyones life but it also can be quite scary and one thing for sure is that it can be expensive. It’s important to find an experienced instructor with good pass rates (how to find a good driving school), but also that your instructor has an excellent knowledge of the DVSA driving test routes in the area that you intend on taking your test. This way, your instructor will help you in knowing the most difficult and challenging areas of the test routes that the examiner is likely to take you on.

Chichester Driving Test Route
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Downloading Driving Test Routes

You can download test routes for your mobile device or Sat Nav. The files that we have are called .GPX files and will work with TomTom Go App that is available for both iPhone and Android the App comes with a free subscription. They will also work with TomTom, Garmin, Navigon and CoPilot Live SatNav systems.. Download Driving Test Routes. The easiest and most cost effective way if you don’t already have a Sat Nav system is to use the TomTom Go App on your mobile phone as long as you have a cradle to hold it in your car, check out our guide on how to use TomTom Go App